“Time Between Dog and Wolf” Writer to Co-Write “Scholar Who Walks the Night” Script

According to reports, MBC‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” will be adding a new writer, Ryu Yong Jae, to the production team. After joining in early August, Ryu Yong Jae will be working together with writer Jang Hyun Joo on the script starting episode 11.

Ryu Yong Jae’s most notable dramas in the past include Lee Joon Ki‘s “Time Between Dog and Wolf.” Last year he wrote tvN‘s “Liar Game,” which received a significant amount of popularity.

So far, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” has had a relatively slow storyline, and the crew hopes the drama will start gaining momentum now that Ryu Yong Jae joined the team.

Drama affiliates have confirmed reports, saying, “It is true that writer Ryu Yong Jae joined the team. His name is included in episode 11’s script.”

How do you think the drama will unfold from now on?

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