BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Promises to Appear at Next “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival Too

At the “Infinity Challenge” music festival on August 13 in Pyeongchang, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang performed with cast member Kwanghee and had a chance to talk about their future music festival plans.

“Infinity Challenge” has staged these special music festivals once every two years since 2007. It recruits musicians from a variety of genres and pairs each of them up with a cast member to create a song together and then perform it at a live concert. This was G-Dragon’s third “Infinity Challenge” music festival, as he previously performed at the 2011 festival with cast member Park Myung Soo and at the 2013 festival with Jung Hyung Don.

During the chat portion of this year’s concert, it’s reported that Yoo Jae Suk asks Taeyang, “If you ended up performing at the next music festival, would you be in a team with Kwanghee then too?”

Taeyang hesitates and seems to find it hard to reply, so Yoo Jae Suk turns to G-Dragon and asks the same question.

G-Dragon replies confidently, “I’ll be performing at the next one too,” which makes the crowd go wild. “Since I’ve done it with Kwanghee once now, it would be good to do it with someone else but…” He then turns to Kwanghee and jokes, “Do you want to [perform together]?”

This year’s “Infinity Challenge” music festival is expected to air on August 22.

Who do you want to see G-Dragon perform with at the “Infinity Challenge” 2017 music festival?

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