Lee Da Hae in Talks for Lead Role in New Korean-Chinese Drama

Actress Lee Da Hae is currently in talks to take a lead role in an upcoming joint Korean-Chinese romantic comedy drama entitled “The Couple of the Century” (working title).

The drama is said to be set around an actress and actor who first met on a variety show when they were newbies in the business, and don’t have good impressions of each other. Lee Da Hae would be playing the actress, who five years later has achieved huge popularity. When her father passes away, his will states that she must get married within three months. In order to do so, she marries the actor that she had appeared with on the variety show – in other words, it’s a classic romantic comedy featuring a contract marriage!

Lee Da Hae’s agency FNC Entertainment says, “We have received the synopsis for ‘The Couple of the Century’ and are currently positively reviewing it.”

A representative from the drama states that it will begin filming in August and is expected to debut in China in November on the website Taobao.

Who would you want to be Lee Da Hae’s leading man if she takes this role?

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