Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Talk About Performing Each Other’s Songs in 2008

On August 13’s episode of MBC FM4U Radio‘s “Sunny’s FM Date,” Wonder Girls stop by to chat with host Sunny of Girls’ Generation.

During their talk, Sunny asks the members of Wonder Girls which of their concepts has been the most memorable for them.

“This album’s concept seems to be looking pretty,” replies Yubin. “We switched songs with Girls’ Generation a long time ago, remember? We’d never done the dazzlingly cute or girly concept before. That was the first time and the last time, so it was really memorable for me.”

Yubin is talking about a special episode of “Music Bank” on July 4, 2008 when Wonder Girls performed Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You” and Girls’ Generation performed Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me.”

Wonder Girls – “Kissing You”

Girls’ Generation – “Tell Me”

“I was being so flirty when I did the ‘omona’ part,” laughs Sunny.

“Oh and you lent us those props,” adds Sunmi. “The candy!” says Sunny with a laugh.

Sunny also compliments Wonder Girls on their comeback teasers. “When I saw your teasers, I was totally surprised,” she says. “I was really in awe when I watched them.”

Watch the interview below:

What do you think of Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation’s song-swapping performances?

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