“M!Countdown” Apologizes for Mistakes During KCON Broadcast

Cable channel MNet’s program “M!Countdown” has issued an official apology for its mistake-riddled broadcast.

On August 13, “M!Countdown” said, “Because of the scheduling at KCON in America, the final steps in production got delayed and the broadcast was not smooth as a result.” They added, “We extend our apologies to the viewers who love ‘M!Countdown.'”

There were two major mistakes on this broadcast, which aired the performances from the Staples Center in LA from August 1 and August 2. The first happened when Son Ho Joon was showing Super Junior’s dressing room, and a past broadcast of “M!Countdown” suddenly cut in. A second happened when a commercial aired suddenly in the middle of Super Junior’s performance.

The producers said, “We will focus on makings sure that things like this never happen again.”

You can check out the full performances here.

m countdown 2

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