INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals His Adult Fantasies

INFINITE’s Sunggyu confesses his adult fantasies on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt.”

While talking about costumes and fetishes on the adult talk show, Sunggyu is asked, “What kind of clothes look pretty and sexy to you?” Sunggyu answers, “If I had to choose, it would be a flight attendant.” He then adds, “I don’t think nurses are my thing. And you don’t see maids in real life.”

Heo Ji Woong asks, “What aspect of flight attendants is charming to you?” and Sunggyu replies honestly, “It’s because of their upright image. Doesn’t everyone have those kinds of fantasies?”

Meanwhile, Sunggyu also speaks about his thoughts on men watching adult videos. When a woman discusses her concern that her husband keeps on watching adult material, the INFINITE member says, “It’s an obvious thing for men to watch adult material. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.” He continues, “To be sensitive to visual stimuli is just natural instinct for men. There’s no choice but for men to look at a woman who is exposed. It’s proof that the man is healthy.”

This episode of “Witch Hunt” will air on August 14 at 11 p.m. KST.

What are your thoughts on Sunggyu’s adult comments?

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