Fantagio’s New Boy Group ASTRO Introduces Its Members

Fantagio has confirmed the name of its new boy group ASTRO, and the boys are gearing up for their debut.

ASTRO’s management company Fantagio said on August 14 through their official social media, “Introducing ASTRO, Fantagio’s new boy group” along with an image. ‘Astro’ means ‘star’ in Spanish, and the group was named such so that they can be a star to the fans who give them love.

The leader, Jinjin, is responsible for rapping and is also a good drummer. Cha Eunwoo is sure to make fans’ hearts beat with his almost unreal visuals. Moon Bin, who is a great dancer, is known as mini Yunho from TVXQ’s “Balloons” music video as well as mini Kim Bum in “Boys Over Flowers.”

MJ is the oldest, but is also the mood maker of the team, always overflowing with energy. Rocky is known to be a dance prodigy who has danced since the age of five, but is also a great rapper and singer. The youngest and the vocal of the team, Yoon Sanha, has a cute and unpredictable charm.


(From top left: Moon Bin, Cha Eun Woo, Jinjin, Yoon Sanha, MJ, and Ricky)

The band will be debuting with web drama “To Be Continued” on August 18 through Naver TV Cast.

Are you excited about this new boy group?

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