INFINITE’s Sunggyu Doesn’t Want to Get Married Until…?

INFINITE’s Sunggyu recently revealed what age he wants to get married at.

On a recent recording of “Witch Hunt,” a woman confesses that she is about to get married to a guy who doesn’t know she has been married once before.

After hearing this story, the INFINITE member declares, “I’m going to get married in my 40s.”

Then Sung Shi Kyung asks, “Sunggyu has 13 years left before hitting 40, so you’re trying to enjoy the time you have left?” and Sunggyu replies, “I still don’t feel the need to marry quickly,” and spoke of his own marriage standards.

Lee Sung Min comments, “[His] fans’ love is so big that he hasn’t found a woman who can satisfy that amount. I, too, sometimes compare my girlfriend’s love to my fans’ love.”

To this, Sunggyu says, “No, that’s not it,” and laughs.

To see more of the singer, watch the next episode of “Witch Hunt” airing on August 14 at 11 p.m. KST.

What do you think of Sunggyu’s marriage plans?

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