T-ara Up Against Beyonce in Billboard’s 2015 Fan Army Face-Off Championship

It’s down to the final two on Billboard’s “2015 Fan Army Face-Off,” and it’s T-ara up against Beyonce.

The brackets, which are divided into four genres, R&B/hip hop, pop, K-Pop, and rock, competed internally first, from which a genre representative was chosen to compete in the semi finals against another bracket.

T-ara was K-Pop’s representative in the semi finals against the pop bracket, which was represented by One Direction. The match proved the sheer power of the K-Pop fandom, with the Queens beating out the Directioners by over 500,000 votes.

T-ara Beyonce2

Representing R&B/hip hop, Beyonce beat out pop finalist 5 Seconds of Summer in the semis. Now it’s up to T-ara and Beyonce’s fandoms, the Queens and Beyhive, respectively, to determine who will take home the prize.

At press time, T-ara was in the lead, receiving three times the number of votes that Beyonce has received.

T-ara Beyonce

On August 14, T-ara’s management agency MBK Entertainment commented, “We are happy and really so grateful for the constant and excessive love of [T-ara’s] fans.”

Meanwhile, T-ara recently made a comeback with “So Crazy,” which they are promoting currently on music shows.

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