Song Triplets Go On a Safari Adventure in “Superman Returns” Preview

Song Il Gook and his beloved triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are going on a safari adventure in the next episode of “Superman Returns“!

A preview has been released for the August 16 episode that shows the trio dressed as adorable explorers as they begin their expedition in a zebra-patterned SUV with their dad.

“What kind of car is this?” Manse asks his dad. Song Il Gook tells him to ask the driver, and so Daehan and Manse politely repeat the question to him.


“It’s a safari tour car,” answers the driver.

“It’s a ‘ssaddari’ tour car!” echoes Minguk happily to his dad.


Manse asks what that means, and the driver explains that it’s an expedition to find wild beasts, or scary animals.

“Dad, close the door!” says Minguk in fear. Song Il Gook assures him, “It’s okay, there’s this wire mesh here so it’s fine.” But Minguk is still scared so he quickly scoots away from the door and won’t even let Song Il Gook hold him in his arms.


Watch the triplets begin their very first safari expedition in the preview below!

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