Top K-Drama Moments From the 1st Week of August

Our K-drama viewing experience recently has been exhilarating. We watched with bated breath as our favorite OTPs indulged in their feelings for each other while others suffered the heartache blues. Meanwhile, we’ve fallen for a new hero who’s figuratively and literally quick on his feet.

1. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: A collective yes!

By episode 13, it was clear that the ball was in Ha Na’s court: Can Won be more than just her friend? By the end of episode 14, her answer was a resounding “yes.”

After learning that Ha Na will be heading to Paris for a new position in her company, a guilt-free Won sees through his feelings for her and signs up for a job assignment in the “romance capital.” However, Ha Na has backed out of her promotion, and on the day he’s set to leave, she receives the sequel to his confession script. Her feelings for him are undoubtedly definite after reading it, and when she finds out about Won’s overseas plans, she dashes to the airport and leaves him with 12 missed calls.

With the help of modern communication and a handy whistle, the friends find each other at the airport, and Ha Na reveals the opening scene of her script: She lightly kisses Won! Whoopee! She then tells Won she likes him, and before she can say the next part of the script, he swoops in for a long, heart-fluttering kiss!

“It’s about time” must be the most uttered phrase among K-drama viewers when this episode aired! And with that kiss, I think we’ve forgiven the drama’s every shortcoming, but we do have to complain that the director didn’t let this long-awaited liplock to go on longer!

2. “Oh My Ghost”: Girl goes for it

Bong Sun is not alone; we’ve also fallen hard for Chef. It’s now hard to undo our crush on him, especially after seeing Sun Woo’s reaction to Bong Sun’s hug in this scene!

Bong Sun has gone out to search for the ghost Soon Ae, but to no avail. She receives a call from Sun Woo, who’s worried that she’s out at such a late hour. They eventually find themselves at an intersection, with Sun Woo waiting for Bong Sun across the road. When the pedestrian light turns green, Bong Sun decides to follow her heart and walks towards Sun Woo, running as she gets closer. When she gets to him, she immediately wraps her arms around him, and Sun Woo can’t keep from smiling. His reaction has made us among the happiest viewers!

3. “Yong Pal”: You will not catch me

New drama alert! After only two episodes, we’re enjoying Joo Won’s latest starrer, “Yong Pal.”

His character, Tae Hyun, is a skilled surgeon who spends his nights attending to criminals to raise money for his sister’s medical bills. It’s on one such run that the cops bust in on the operation and attempt to arrest him. However, he can’t go out like that and takes them on a car chase.

When he’s backed into a corner with nowhere to go but jail, Tae Hyun finds a way out by injecting himself (and the gangster boss) with epinephrine and jumping in the water.

We enjoy watching this scene so much because Tae Hyun is badass both physically and mentally. Joo Won, when did you get so hot?

4. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: No bright future?

Sung Yeol stays by a sleeping Yang Sun’s side as she recovers from her injuries. When she wakes up, she recognizes him. She caresses his face and offers to warm his cold body. She then requests that he stay with her and confesses her love for him. Mentally, he tells her he feels the same way, but physically, he responds with a sweet kiss. He tells her that he will go no further than a kiss because they have no future for reasons she will eventually learn.

Although the love these two share is deep, Sung Yeol refuses to allow himself to love her and be happy because of the hatred he feels towards his vampiric nature. Nevertheless, we really hope these two will have a happy future together.

5. “I Remember You”: Incalculable feelings


After her father’s remains have been discovered, Ji An has been having a hard time, but Lee Hyun’s support has given her that bit of needed levity to help her move past the grief. Although she declines his offer to stay at his place, she holds him back to find out one thing: How many points does she score with him in terms of his feelings? He spouts off way too much mathematical jargon that goes over her head. He then clarifies there is no way to calculate how he feels about her. We’re swooning! He should have said that in the first place! LOL.

6. “Oh My Ghost”: I’m not the girl you love

Be still our hearts! Love makes you do the craziest things.

After years of longing for Sun Woo, Bong Sun finally has his heart! Well, technically, she allowed a ghost to possess her and that’s when he fell for her. However, that’s just a minor detail and what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right? Well, she knows, and it hurts to see him love her thinking that she’s someone else. She thought that getting his love would be enough, but she realizes that love wrapped in deception is not love, so, she confesses the truth.

We are crushed as it slowly dawns on her that he doesn’t love her, but we are proud of her for doing the right thing. Fighting!

That’s it for this batch of K-drama moments, but join us again next time, and please drop your thoughts below!

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