Taecyeon and Kim Kwang Gyu Show Their Love for Minky’s Puppies on “Three Meals a Day”

At the beginning of August 14’s episode of tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day,” 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Kim Kwang Gyu are amazed by how big and adorable their mascot Minky’s puppies have become.


Kim Kwang Gyu arrives first, and immediately heads towards the puppies. He gets their names mixed up, and he pets them while saying, “You’ve grown so much!”


2PM’s Taecyeon gets there next. He opens the door to their house, and then lets out a cry of surprise when he sees the puppies. As they’re both resting on the floor, he brings over their dog bed and then carefully lifts them into it.


As he’s petting them lovingly, Kim Kwang Gyu comes to the door. “They’re really big now, right?” he says.


“They’re a lot prettier than Minky was when she was young!” Taecyeon replies.


Kim Kwang Gyu then asks him if he remembers their names, and Taecyeon reminds him with a laugh that they’re called Eddy and Sappy. “I just couldn’t remember all of a sudden!” says Kim Kwang Gyu.

Earlier this week, “Three Meals a Day” shared two photos of the puppies on their Facebook page.

threemealsaday7 threemealsaday6

Too cute!

You can see more of the members of “Three Meals a Day” taking great care of the new puppies in August 14’s episode.

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