Former Jewelry Member Jo Min Ah Suffers Minor Injuries in Car Accident

Jo Min Ah, former member of the girl group Jewelry, was involved in a car accident on August 14 but thankfully has not been seriously injured.

On August 15, she posted an account of the accident to her personal blog. She says that she was heading back to Seoul on the expressway when the car in front of her stopped, so her car stopped as well. However, the car behind her didn’t slow down and it crashed into hers.

She writes, “Fortunately I was wearing my seat belt. They said that if I hadn’t been, I would have been thrown out of the car. Since my body was thrown back and forth, my neck and back were injured.”

She adds, “I’ve had all my x-rays done and they said there are no fractures, but still my whole body really hurts.”

Jo Min Ah left the group Jewelry in 2006 to pursue a career in acting. She has since started her own bakery.

Hopefully Jo Min Ah is feeling better and back to doing what she loves soon!

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