Block B P.O Apologizes for Controversial Stage Outfit During Korean Independence Day Performance

Idol group Block B‘s member P.O has issued an apology for the controversy he has caused with his stage outfit during the Korean Independence Day Festival performance.

On August 15, Korean Independence Day, P.O and his group participated in the “Korean Independence Day 70th Anniversary Festival” that took place in Seoul. They performed two of their hits, “Very Good,” and “Her.”

During the performance. P.O wore a jacket that said “no problem” (“問題ない”) in Japanese. Images of P.O’s outfit rapidly spread throughout the internet, as many questioned whether it was appropriate for him to don a clothing with a Japanese phrase for a performance celebrating Korean Independence Day.

P.O has since apologized for his outfit in an official statement released via his agency Seven Seasons. The statement said, “We want to sincerely apologize for wearing the outfit despite performing on a monumental stage for the 70th anniversary of the country’s Independence. On this day, I went on that stage without carefully checking the clothes. This is undeniably a mistake on our part, and we are deeply regretful of what we have done.”

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