JYP Files Damage Suit Against Director Han Sa Min for Allegedly Halting 2PM Music Video Productions

Following the incident earlier in May of this year in which the director for 2PM’s music video, Han Sa Min, backed out of the project with not much time left before scheduled filming, it has been revealed belatedly that JYP filed a 50 million won (approx. 42,000 USD) damage suit against the director in June. 

Previously, both sides expressed differing opinions, the two directors involved – one with whom the situation was resolved – stating that they had not signed any contracts or finalized anything, and JYP’s camp stating that it’s common practice to not sign anything until right before or during the music video filming.

According to legal authorities on August 16, JYP Entertainment filed a damage suit in June on the grounds that the unilateral decision by director Han Sa Min to halt the music video project disrupted the company’s plans.

2PM had been getting ready for a June 1 release of their fifth full album “No.5,” and was in the final stages of preparation. However, according to JYP, because of the director’s sudden decision to leave, the group’s comeback had to be unexpectedly pushed back two weeks. 

The agency said, “Because of the irresponsible actions [of director Han Sa Min], our agency artist [2PM], in the midst of their busy and difficult schedule, had to see a rearrangement and replanning of everything, from music video filming, album release, to marketing plans.”

Meanwhile, director Han Sa Min, who has worked with BIGBANG in the past, went on to work with the group on their “MADE” project.

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