Former KARA Member Kang Ji Young Speaks About Her Past Year in Japan

Kang Ji Young, who filmed the Japanese movie “Assassination Classroom” during the past one year, reflected on the year that she spent in Japan.

During a press conference for “Assassination Classroom” held on August 17, Kang Ji Young made her first public appearance in Korea since leaving the popular girl group KARA about a year ago.

She said, “I was active in Japan for about a year, and it really wasn’t easy. It was actually really hard. It wasn’t simply something you can do by speaking a little bit of Japanese. I thought, ‘This isn’t something that just anyone can do.'”

She continued, “I learned a lot over the last one year. I studied abroad in London, and I grew a lot through the experience. I was lonely living alone in Japan, but my family, friends, and fans cheered me on, so although it was lonely and difficult, it was a year in which I was able to grow.”

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