A Pink’s Bomi Impresses With Her Baseball Game Ceremonial Pitch

A Pink’s Bomi threw an impressive ceremonial pitch at the August 16 baseball game between LG Twins and Kia Tigers.

She actually threw a ceremonial pitch for a game between LG Twins and Nexen Heroes in August 2014 as well. Using her prior experience to her benefit, the singer didn’t fail to impress with her pitching skills again this time around.

Many spectators were impressed and surprised with her pitch. In particular, the commentators noted, “This is the number one pitch I have seen amongst the female celebrity pitches I have witnessed.”

What differentiates Bomi’s pitches from the pitches of other female celebrities is the fact that she actually pitches from the pitching mound. Most female celebrities pitch at a distance much closer to the umpire and batter.

Check out her amazing pitching in the video below:

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