Comedian Kim In Seok and Angela Park Expecting Their First Child

Congratulations to Kim In Seok and Angela Park!

On August 17, Kim In Seok posted a cute image of himself and his wife photoshopped as the Avengers on his Instagram with the caption, “Next March, I will be a father. Inside my precious wife is another precious life waiting to be born. I will love and treasure my wife twice as much. Angela, I love you and thank you so so much. I will live more diligently and righteously. I want to be congratulated just for today. Please give lots of love.”

Angela Park is currently three months pregnant, just six months into their lovely marriage.

She is focusing on staying healthy for the birth of her child while Kim In Seok is reportedly cooking all her meals for her to help with morning sickness.

The couple met via the introduction of a mutual friend in 2014. They are currently spending their honeymoon in Ilsan.

Kim In Seok currently appears in tvN‘s “Comedy Big League,” while Angela Park is a former 2008 Miss Korea of Hawaii who now teaches English through EBS Radio.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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