YG Entertainment Files Lawsuit Against Reporter for Libel Regarding Past Drug Scandal

It has been revealed that YG Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against reporter “K” from an unnamed sports media outlet, citing libel.

According to business and entertainment circles on August 18, YG is accusing the reporter of libel, and is suing for two cases at 100 million won (approx. 85,000 USD) each, reaching a total of 200 million won (approx. 169,000 USD).

The issues are various articles — in particular one written on the first of last month — written about Yang Hyun Suk as well as various suspicions raised regarding the past drug scandal.

However, the reporter’s stance is that YG is not looking at the articles as a whole. “The article that YG pointed out from last month is mainly about asking prosecutors for a detailed investigation into YG, but instead of seeing the whole picture of the article, they are taking a single sentence and taking issue with that,” says the reporter’s representation.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s Seungri as well as an employee at YG Entertainment also filed defamation suits against the same reporter, asking for 50 million won (approx. 42,000 USD) and 30 million won (approx. 25,000 USD), respectively, at the beginning of this month.

Seungri’s case is about coverage of his car accident from September of last year, where police concluded that the cause was simple speeding. However, reporter “K” at the time presented the possibility of drunk driving.

The employee, “A,” is suing “K” for a report regarding a lawsuit by “A” against the Seoul Regional Military Manpower office, making personal issues public.

As with the case from YG, “K” likewise expressed frustration. The reporter’s rep stated, “Before Seungri was in the car accident, he was at a party. [The reporter] heard from an acquaintance of Seungri’s at the party that they had had drinks together, and was simply in his way collecting evidence and presenting a side.”

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