Woollim to Pursue Legal Action Regarding Tasty’s Chinese Activities

Woollim Entertainment will be pursuing legal action against their singer duo Tasty, who have left them to promote in China while still under contract.

Tasty, consisting of twins Daeryong and Soryong, debuted in 2012 under Woollim Entertainment with the single “Spectrum.” Prior to joining Woollim, the twins were trainees under JYP Entertainment.

Last month, the duo suddenly announced their departure from Korea via their Weibo account. In response, Woollim issued a press release stating, “Tasty left for China on June 3 without consulting the company. Two days later, on June 5, they called the company’s representative and told him that they will be no longer under contract with Woollim. After a month of no communication, they announced their departure through social media, while also announcing their Chinese album release and promotion.”

Woollim also stated, “Tasty’s contract still stands, and their Chinese activities are clearly breaching this contract.” They further voiced their wish to speak to Tasty directly, to which Tasty did not respond.

It was recently reported that the two artists have begun promoting in China under their names. Regarding their activities, Woollim told the media, “We are still confirming their activities in China. Regardless of their current activities, we are already preparing to pursue legal action.”

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