Former KARA Member Kang Ji Young Studying to Become a Hollywood Star

Former KARA member Kang Ji Young, who is currently working as an actress in Japan, revealed she’s studying to become a Hollywood star someday.

A Japanese media outlet, Oricon Style, recently aired an interview with Kang Ji Young. She has been working as an actress in Japan since last year.

Talking about her past year in Japan, Kang Ji Young professed, “It went by so fast, but I remember every single moment. People who saw me in ‘Assassination Classroom’ didn’t know who I was at first.”

Last April when her contract with DSP Media came to an end, Kang Ji Young left Kara and went to London to study language and acting. Since then, she signed with agency Sweet Power last August to start working as an actress in Japan and goes by the name “Jiyoung.” She kickstarted her acting career with her appearance in the Japanese drama “Hell Teacher Nube,” and made her debut on the big screen in “Assassination Classroom.”

About her future plans as an actress, Kang Ji Young asserted, “I believe I’ll be back in Korea to promote the movie “Assassination Classroom” as well as start working on a new project. I’d love to tell a story of a youthful 21-year-old and also challenge myself in an action flick.”

She added, “I’m also studying to become a Hollywood actress. I had a chance to go to the Sundance Film Festival last year. I wish to play my movie there someday.”

The Japanese movie “Assassination Classroom” will open in Korea on August 27. Kang Ji Young plays the blond assassin, Irina Jelavic, in the movie.


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