Ha Ji Won Addresses Criticism Regarding Kiss Scene in “The Time We Were Not in Love”

In an interview on August 19, actress Ha Ji Won addressed criticism regarding what viewers considered a half-hearted kiss scene in her recently completed drama “The Time We Were Not in Love.”

Currently, “Ha Ji Won kiss scene iron wall” is a top related search term on portal sites when searching the actress’s name. Clips of the kiss scene (below) have also been making its rounds on the Internet, with netizens commenting on Ha Ji Won’s immobile lips and lack of passion.

When asked her thoughts concerning the feedback, Ha Ji Won expressed surprise. “It’s weird because I really put in effort [during the kiss scene],” she said. “We filmed the kiss scene at 3 a.m. in the morning. If it looked [half-hearted] to viewers, then I guess it was because I was so tired.”

She continued, “We were always doing all-nighters and were tired so I think my body couldn’t keep up. I mean, when you’re really tired, don’t you have times when you feel like your mind and body and acting separately?”

She added, “I think if we had filmed [the kiss scene] earlier in the drama I would have done a better job.”

Ha Ji Won also expressed regret at how long it took for her and male lead Lee Jin Wook to establish chemistry within the drama and her desire to work with Lee Jin Wook and director Joo Soo Won again in the future.

“The Time We Were Not in Love” aired its last episode on August 16.

Check out the kiss scene at issue below, and share with us your thoughts. Do you agree with viewer sentiment?

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