INFINITE Cuddles Up in Their Pyjamas in The Star Magazine

INFINITE is wrapping up their promotions for ‘Bad‘ with a dreamy photo shoot and interview with The Star magazine.

In the released photos, the guys are wearing comfy bath robes as they curl up on a bed together. Since they’ve been so busy that they haven’t had time to get much shut-eye, it’s reported that some of them couldn’t help but fall asleep during the shoot. Could you blame them? They look so comfy!

In the interview, the members say, “Because our personal activities and the album promotions have overlapped, we haven’t been able to sleep much every day. Now that the album promotions are over, we’ll each be taking some time to rest as we prepare for our world tour.”

The interview and the photo shoot of the guys looking like they’re just about to drift off to dreamland will be featured in the September issue of The Star, which hits newsstands on August 23.

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