5 Facts You Might Not Know About Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young is no rookie to the drama scene. She’s been in the industry for nearly 10 years, but with her current drama, tvN‘s “Oh My Ghost,” being widely popular, viewers may just now be discovering how talented this young actress really is.

Some of Park Bo Young’s most popular projects include “A Werewolf Boy” in which she acted alongside Song Joon Ki, “Scandal Makers” which also starred Cha Tae Hyun, and her appearance on the popular variety show “Law of the Jungle” with other notable celebrities. Even with her long career and steadily increasing popularity, many people might not know some key facts about the actress. Here are five to acquaint you to this talent on screen.

1. She Made Her Official Debut in 2006


Park Bo Young starred in the youth series “Secret Campus” along with now top star Lee Min Ho. The drama, which aired on EBS (Educational Broadcasting Station), ran for a total of 24 episodes and centered on the lives and relationships of six students. Park Bo Young played Cha Ah Rang, a student who isn’t the brightest, but she’s well liked. Ah Rang falls for Lee Min Ho’s Park Doo Hyun, a soccer player, after he saves her from street thugs. After debuting in 2006, Park Bo Young rise to fame came two years later in the movie “Scandal Makers” starring opposite Cha Tae Hyun. Random fun fact: Aside from “Secret Campus,” Park Bo Young starred with Lee Min Ho again in “Our School’s ET.

2. She Hates Horror Films


Sounds a bit ironic considering she starred in 2012 horror film “Don’t Click,” opposite Joo Won. Park Bo Young said she does not care for the genre. Despite not liking horror, she gained positive reviews for her role as Se Hee. This year, she starred in mystery thriller “The Silenced” as Ju Ran which also starred Uhm Ji Won and Park So Dam.

3. “Oh My Ghost” Is Her First Drama in Seven Years…


Yes, you read that right. Park Bo Young has been absent from dramaland for a whole seven years. Her last role was a cameo in 2008 drama “Star’s Love” starring Yoo Ji Tae and Choi Ji Woo. Many fans have been very vocal about wanting her to be in another drama and their wishes came true when reports confirmed her addition to the romantic comedy as Na Bong Sun, opposite Jo Jung Suk who is receiving more attention for his role of Chef Kang Sun Woo.

4. …It Also Marks Her First Kiss Scene

Hard to believe given her career, right? But ’tis true; Park Bo Young has never had a kiss scene in any of her previous projects, making this drama a truly historic moment for her and her fans (I hear they’re called Dellaisy). Although watching her scenes with Jo Jung Suk makes it a little hard to believe, doesn’t it?

5. She’s Musically Talented

Park Bo Young is known to play piano and guitar and she’s also a good singer. Her song from “A Werewolf Boy” was featured on the official OST. Sometimes it’s surprising to know that our favorite actors are not only skilled on screen, but have other talents outside of their main occupation. It seems music also runs in the family; her older sister is a music and piano teacher. Most recently, Park Bo Young featured on the OST for “Oh My Ghost.”

These are just a few facts out of many that I have found out while speaking to a Park Bo Young fan (thank you Ricca!). Everything will make you love her more (if that is possible). She has an impressive career given her age, 25 for those who don’t know, and she has a bright future ahead of her. Park Bo Young’s wonderful acting and knack for having amazing chemistry with her costars are gifts that should be celebrated so it’s great to see her latest drama doing so well. Let’s all hope she doesn’t take another seven years to another drama.

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