Surviving Members of Ladies’ Code to Sing New Song in Memory of RiSe and EunB

After announcing that there would be a special Ladies’ Code memorial concert in memory of RiSe and EunB, it has been further revealed that Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny will be singing a new song at the concert.

“I Want to Smile Even Though it Hurts” was written in honor of RiSe and EunB. Member Sojung directly participated in the writing and composing of the song as well. The song will be released on September 7.

It will first be revealed at the memorial concert in Tokyo on August 22.

An affiliate revealed, “While preparing for the memorial concert, Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny cried a lot and were in pain, probably because they were reminded of past memories. But because the concert is to honor the memory of RiSe and EunB, they have gathered strength. It has been a year since the accident and they are burdened because it will be their first official appearance since then. However, they are building up courage as they think of RiSe and EunB.”

Ladies’ Code finished recording their new song, but decisions regarding an album or promotions have not been made yet.

The girl group was involved in a fatal car accident in September of last year. Unfortunately, members RiSe and EunB passed away.

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