Actor Choi Daniel Is Learning English Because of Chloe Grace Moretz?

In a recent interview, actor Choi Daniel revealed that he has started learning English and is studying hard with the hope of some day working with actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

Choi Daniel said, “A few days ago I saw the movie “Let Me In (2010).” It was my first time seeing it, and actress Chloe Moretz seemed very charming. I found out that she came to Korea a few months ago only after I watched the movie.”

He continued, “I really want to talk to Chloe Moretz. I want to talk to her so bad that I started learning English. I learned it for eight hours a day for three weeks.”

Choi Daniel is currently busy promoting his new film “Untouchable Lawmen,” but he plans to keep studying English nonetheless. He explained, “I’m planning to continue studying English even after I enlist in the military later this year. When I get discharged, I want to go to America. I did go [to America] once before but this time I want to meet Chloe Moretz and converse in English.”

Meanwhile, Choi Daniel’s new film “Untouchable Lawmen” is about two goofy policemen (played by Im Chang Jung and Choi Daniel) who secretly get called into the Secret Service and are ordered to capture the most fearful boss of a criminal gang. Choi Daniel plays the role of Yoo Min, who enters the police force to seduce women. It is coming to theaters on August 27.

Could you see Choi Daniel and Chloe Moretz in a film together?

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