Joo Won Has Pulled All-nighters for Six Days Straight for “Yong Pal”

On August 20, Joo Won makes a rare appearance at a restaurant in Seoul to show his appreciation to the fans of “Yong Pal” by meeting with the media.

It’s unusual for an actor to meet with the media in the midst of taping a popular drama series. It shows how much he appreciates positive articles, viewer approvals, and rising ratings.

Joo Won says with a smile, “I’m exhausted taping 50 scenes out of 60 all by myself. But I’m encouraged when I see the rating the next morning.”

He also speaks about the fast-paced taping schedule, “This morning, I recorded tonight’s portion for episode six. There are two production teams, A and B. They’re working as fast as they can, but it doesn’t really matter since I’m in almost all the scenes.”

As if to console Joo Won for his hard work pulling a one-man show while Kim Tae Hee is doing her part playing the role of “The Sleeping Witch,” comparison photos of Joo Won’s face in episode one and five are posted on the Internet.

Joo Won - comparison

In both photos, Joo Won is wearing the doctor’s white coat. But compared to his clear and bright face in episode one, he has dark circles under his eyes and dull complexion in episode five. He looks as though he has lost some weight by the looks of more pronounced sharp chin. He definitely looks exhausted. This is one of the biggest reasons why Joo Won’s fans are against extending episodes for “Yong Pal” despite the drama’s popularity.

Even in person, he looks exhausted very much like the photo from episode five. Joo Won, at 185cm (approx. 6 ft.), is dressed in white knit shirt which makes him look even taller. He looks gaunt, but calmly answers questions from the reporters with a shy smile.

Joo Won adds, “I’m so grateful for encouraging reports and rising ratings. The production team is very much encouraged as well. It’s hard work, but we all work well together and everyone is so lively. We’ll do our best. Please continue to watch us.”

“Yong Pal” soared over 20 percent within the first six episodes. According to the global information and measurement company AGB Nielsen Media Research, the SBS drama “Yong Pal” aired on August 20 scored 20.4 percent. That’s 2.4 percent higher than its previous episode ranking number one among its competitors. On the other hand, MBC’s “Scholar Who Walks the Night” scored 7.0 percent and KBS2’s “Assembly” scored 5.7 percent airing at the same time as “Yong Pal.”

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