G-Dragon Will Be Hosting Five Special Fans at Dukyang Studio

BIGBANG fans are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime: being hosted by the one and only G-Dragon.

G-Dragon is working hand-in-hand with the lodging service Airbnb to become a host for fans 18 and older from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

During an Airbnb press conference on August 20, G-Dragon said, “I will be revealing Dukyang studio, where I spent most of my trainee years, through this project.”

“Dukyang studio is a place that is more dear to me than even my own home,” he added. “Several YG trainees are probably working hard there right now.”

Five people will be picked from the contest to spend two nights at the studio and have dinner with G-dragon for one of the two nights. They will also be provided with a special itinerary so that they can explore Seoul “G-Dragon style.”

Those who want to participate in the contest must submit an essay of a maximum of 300 words in Korean or Chinese, or a maximum of 100 words in English. The topic is to describe “what you would do to connect with someone from a different cultural background.”

Find more about the contest here!

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