HyunA Opens Up About Being Criticized for Her Sexy Concepts

4minute‘s HyunA recently did an interview with news media OSEN where she discussed her new solo album and spoke up about the controversies regarding her sexy image.

She started off saying, “[At first when I approached the sexy concept,] I felt a tremendous amount of pressure. I was worried then, but now I just think, ‘I should do what I do best.’ [For my new album] I tried my best to put forth what the public likes best. I can’t all of a sudden turn cute or innocent. I think it’s important to do performances that enhance your talents.”

When asked about how she feels about her continuous sexy concept, she answered, “I think it’s weird if I said I hated it. I’m not offended by others looking down on me. I can’t expect everyone to love me. That will be never-ending homework for me. I just try to see the light in everything. I just think, ‘Let’s make the people who like me, like me even more.'”

Meanwhile, HyunA came back with her fourth solo album “A+” on August 21.

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