Uee Talks Kiss Scenes With “High Society” Co-Star Sung Joon

During a recent interview, After School‘s Uee talked about the many kiss scenes she shared with “High Society” co-star Sung Joon and how it helped them get close quickly.

She started off saying, “I filmed a kiss scene with Sung Joon for the drama’s teaser video. There were pros and cons to our numerous kiss scenes. During the press conference, Sung Joon said, ‘I filmed so many kiss scenes that I don’t feel anything anymore,’ which offended me. I’m a girl, too… Later, though, he told me he didn’t mean it that way. [The plus side is,] since we had so much skinship with each other, we became friends very quickly. Being with Im Ji Yeon and Park Hyung Sik made the atmosphere even more enjoyable. Anyway, Sung Joon is very charming both as a man and an actor.”

Uee continued, “This was the first drama that I wore heels in. It was the first time a man referred to me as ‘small,’ too. I couldn’t refute, though. [Sung Joon] is very tall. We had a bit of rivalry, too. Sung Joon told me he started exercising to beat me [in body size]. I told him, ‘I’m a girl,’ but he told me my broad shoulders are hard to beat, which offended me (Laughs).”

Lastly, she said, “There was a scene where I had to act like I was kissing Park Hyung Sik to make Sung Joon jealous, but we were so close that our emotions didn’t come through on camera. The producer told us to ‘Be more lovey-dovey,’ but we just kept sighing instead of sharing a loving moment. It wasn’t easy to get in character.”

What did you think about Uee’s on-screen chemistry with the male leads of “High Society”?

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