Park Shin Hye Receives a Very Warm Welcome Back from “Three Meals a Day” in Preview Video

Actor Park Shin Hye is back at Oksoongbong.

During the next episode preview of “Three Meals a Day” aired on August 17, Park Shin Hye reappears as guest and receives a great welcoming from the original crew.

park shin hye 2

2PM‘s Taecyeon, especially, is delighted at an old-time friend’s visit and isn’t afraid to show his excitement.

park shin hye 3

The female actress already appeared as the first guest of “Three Meals a Day” last May and received praise from the staff for adjusting to the country life so well.

Back then, she shared a sad goodbye with the cast, even though they offered her a fixed spot on the show.

What kind of food do you hope Park Shin Hye makes?

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