“Oh My Ghost” Cast Says Thank You and Goodbye to the Audience

tvN‘s “Oh My Ghost” has aired its final episode today, and the cast members had a chance to thank the audience one last time.

Actress Park Bo Young said, “I was happy every single day for the three months I was living as Bong Sun. I was very lucky to have gotten the ‘Oh My Ghost’ project, and to have met the director, staff members, and all the other actors. This project will surely stand out in my memories. I was able to film even more happily thanks to all the love and support. Thank you so much for loving Bong Sun and Bong Ae (Soon Ae as Bong Sun).”

Actor Jo Jung Suk said, “Thank you to everyone who loved ‘Oh My Ghost.’ I was able to film enjoyably and happily because of you all. Filming was so fun that it saddens me to have to part with the director, writer, staff members, and all the actors, and I am grateful that the drama received so much love. Thank you once again, and I love you.”

Actress Kim Seul Gi said, “I was really able to see what a good cast and crew meant. I am really happy that I was able to spend such grateful time together.”

Lastly, actor Kwak Si Yang, who played Sun Restaurant’s Seo Joon, said, “I still can’t grasp the fact that I have to part with those who felt like family. I spent two months as my character Seo Joon, and I think I’m going to feel empty for a while. Thank you to our Sun Restaurant family, the director, writer, and staff members. Thank you to everyone who sent so much love and support for ‘Oh My Ghost.’ I will come back more mature in another project.”

Meanwhile, ‘Oh My Ghost’ has had an impressive average of six percent viewership rating. The final episode’s rating has not come out yet.

Are you sad to see the drama end?

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