Roy Kim Wins Against His “Spring Spring Spring” Plagiarism Lawsuit

Singer Roy Kim‘s “Spring Spring Spring” has been accused of plagiarism before, but now the singer has won against the lawsuit and has proven that the song was, in fact, original.

This plagiarism case was started when a CCM songwriter Kim Hyung Yong stated, “‘Spring Spring Spring’ plagiarized my own CCM song” and filed a lawsuit against Roy Kim and CJ E&M for an infringement of copyright.

However, the Department of Justice ruled that, although there are similarities between the two songs, it does not realistically sound alike.

The Department of Justice stated, “It is hard to say that the two songs are alike because music as a whole gives off a different vibe when the melody or rhythm changes, and therefore changes how people perceive it. There are similarities, but the differences outweigh them. It’s proven that Roy Kim even used different instruments and wrote a different musical score than songwriter Kim’s song, Furthermore, the possibility that Roy Kim came across songwriter Kim’s song is very unlikely.”

What are your opinions on this issue?

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