Ulala Session Im Yoon Taek’s Wife Shares About Life After the Singer’s Death

It has been two and a half years since Ulala Session’s Im Yoon Taek’s death. Since then, his wife Lee Hye Lim and daughter Im Li Dan have managed to keep their heads up.

On the episode of MBC’s “ Human Documentary” aired on August 22, Lee Hye Lim and her daughter Li Dan’s daily life is revealed for the “Thank You My Love” special.

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The late Im Yoon Taek has been marked as the symbol of hope after leading his team to first place on “Superstar K3,” even though he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. A true entertainer, he wanted to stay on stage until his last breath in February 2013.

Lee Hye Lim confesses that she was overwhelmed by the attention directed towards her following her husband’s death, which is why she no longer appeared on television.

“It’s only been a few months since I’ve become determined to open up and interact with the outside world,” she says.

After Im Yoon Taek’s death, the singer slowly began to fade from the public’s memory. Li Dan, who lost her father only 100 days after she was brought into the world, has now grown into a lovely young lady. She attends Ulala Session’s concerts with her mom and visits her dad’s grave three to four times a month. Though she doesn’t remember her dad’s face, she volunteers to be Ulala Session’s biggest fan after seeing videos of her dad perform. The young girl touches viewers’ hearts by kissing Im Yoon Taek’s grave while saying, “Dad, I love you” and “Dad, stay healthy.”

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Lee Hye Lim started dating Im Yoon Taek despite knowing the truth about his illness, and it wasn’t an easy choice to get married as well as have a child with him.

However, she shares, “I would still make the same decision if I went back in time. I’m thankful to be Im Yoon Taek’s wife and I’m grateful that he gifted me with Li Dan before leaving.”

To honor her husband’s dying wish, Lee Hye Lim is currently preparing to launch a clothing line. She is also organizing letters and pictures from when he fought cancer. This is a sign that she is determined to keep the good memories and step foot again back into the outside world with her daughter.

“I don’t want to feel embarrassed when I meet my husband later on. I want to receive compliments from him. To hear that I’ve done a good job at living my life. I’ll be doing the best I can with Li Dan,” she said, showing how strong a mother’s love can be.

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Thanks to her mother’s effort to fill in her father’s absence, Li Dan has grown up to be like any other lovely child. Im Yoon Taek would be proud to see the two women he loves the most finally prepare to spread their wings again.

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An earlier version of this article misstated that Im Yoon Taek passed away February 2015. He passed away February 2013.

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