Going Behind the Scenes: The Impact of “Three Meals a Day” on the Countryside Village

Every week, the staff and cast members of tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day” head to their countryside house in Jeongseon to film, and as viewers, we see what is aired. But what are the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty details of the house?

The lease for the set of “Three Meals a Day,” which is located in Daechon village in Jeongseon, will end at the end of August. Although there are still some episodes still to air, the filming is already all done. The producer, Na Young Suk, has said in the past that the filming of “Three Meals a Day” in Jeongseon would take place over the whole year, capturing all four seasons.

Originally, Daechon village was a typical, secluded rural area. It is located reasonably far from Jeongseon’s downtown area. However, it is now a popular tourist attraction for visitors.

Although the filming dates for “Three Meals a Day” are not set in stone, usually they are filmed from Monday to Wednesday. That means that staff need to take care of the home from Thursday and Sunday. If they don’t, the tourists would come into the home uninvited, and the vegetable garden also needs care.

three meals a day house

There is a medium-sized parking lot near the set of “Three Meals a Day.” On the weekends, many cars come in to try to park in the lot, so someone has been hired by the Jeongseon district to direct cars in the area.

Aside from the efforts by the Jeonseon district, “Three Meals a Day” staff are doing their own best to make sure that the peace of the village is not disturbed. There are signs saying, “Please refrain from entering private property without permission,” and about 10 information guides are stationed on the weekends.

The set is about 150 meters from the parking lot. On the way, there are bed and breakfast places, and a cafe appeared. On the weekends, this path to the house and then on from the house to the stream are packed with people. A visitor described it as being at the same level of popularity as Myeongdong, which is the heart of Seoul.

Na Young Suk said, “I’m worried that this will bring harm to the village residents and farmers in the area. We are very sorry.”

Three staff members help take care of the “Three Meals a Day” home, garden, and animals on the weekends.

The Jeongseon Five-day Market downtown is not a small village market anymore but one that is bustling with too many people. Seeing as it is a four-hour drive from Seoul on the weekends, the impact of “Three Meals a Day” on the local area is clear.

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