Top K-Drama Moments From the 2nd Week of August

There might not be a wide selection of K-dramas on this list, but we think these exciting moments more than make up for that.

Let’s take a gander at the scenes that had us dying from their heart-fluttering romance and the gripping suspense!

1. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: Love to love you, baby

Most K-drama viewers—if not all—are softies for romance … but they’re also pervy! LOL. So, when Ha Na and Won finally did the deed, the drama’s Soompi thread lit up with gushing comments.

After their first proper date, Won and Ha Na head to his house so that she can sew a new button on his shirt. They find his sewing kit up in his room, and out of habit, Won begins to remove his top. His move might not have presented any awkwardness between them when they were friends, but now that they’re dating, changing out of his clothes while they’re alone together feels like it’s heading towards a dangerous territory. Heh. They suddenly become silent as the sexual tension has taken over the room, but immediately, Ha Na shoes the moment away. When she begins to leave, the usually tender Won stops her and presses her up against the wall. A bit too hard there, buddy! His assertiveness almost kills the mood as Ha Na yelps. While a concerned Won asks her if she’s all right, the moment is not lost on Ha Na, and he turns his flirty, seductive mode back on. She dodges his kiss, moving to the other side of the room. Won follows, and this time, Ha Na accepts his lips. Eeep! They inch towards the bed, and before he can kiss her again, she pushes him down on the bed. LOL. He’s shocked, but hey, he did say he likes to be handled roughly! Ha Na smiles, and she joins him on the bed. Well, we don’t need to elaborate on what happens next, do we?

2. “Yong Pal”: Sleeping Beauty wakes up

“Should I give you the money?” That line says it all!

“Yong Pal” is a wonderful yet strange drama. It’s wonderful for the zippy writing, originality, heart, and great acting, but it’s strange because for four episodes, the female lead has been in a coma in almost all her scenes. What gives?

In this scene, Yeo Jin’s medication wears off just in time for her to gain consciousness and overhear Tae Hyun speaking to his loan shark. So, she chills his bones— as well as ours—by finally speaking, asking him if she should clear that debt for him.

Daebak! Finally! She’s awake! Let the games begin!

3. “Oh My Ghost”: The best love triangle ever!

In the midst of the hilarious possessions and our ghost’s quest to end her virginity grudge, all we’ve been waiting for is to see Bong Sun, Soon Ae, and Sun Woo work together. It only took 14 episodes, but it’s finally here!

It wasn’t easy, but in the span of a few days, not only did Sun Woo start believing in ghosts, he admitted he fell for one and is now working with her to protect his sister. And after his very human reaction, he became a trooper. We are proud of you, Sun Woo! Now get with both girls you love(d) and stop that evil spirit!

4. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: A lifetime of playing together

Time and time again, Won has proven he will do anything for Ha Na.

While flying out of town for a business trip, Ha Na is surprised by Won, who has changed his work schedule to be on the same flight with her. Why is he so anxious to be with her on this day? With the help of his fellow flight attendants, he has set up the most (or only) romantic airplane proposal in a K-drama. On bended knees, Won shows her the ring and asks her, “Will you play with me for the rest of our lives?” With everyone in the cabin chanting “say yes,” Ha Na makes this moment an unforgettable one for Won and a top pick for us!

5. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: I’ll tell you with my actions

Although he’s scarce with words about his feelings for Yang Sun, Sung Yul’s actions have been speaking for him.

Fully aware that he’s bound for a suicide mission, Sung Yul bids goodbye to those around him; however, he says nothing when he meets Yang Sun. She can tell he wants to say something, but unable to articulate himself, he gives her a kiss instead.

It’s a sweet yet poignant moment as the thought that he might never return silently hangs over them.

6. “Yong Pal”: He’s complicated

Kim Tae Hyun has a jerk-like exterior, showing that he only cares about patients with money, but in fact, he is an inherently noble guy.

One day, a patient suffering from PTSD has locked herself inside the Proton Center that holds a particle accelerator and threatens to blow up the hospital. With the accelerator compromised, high levels of radiation will leak. Unable to get in the room, Tae Hyun appeals to the patient through the speakers. After some time, he successfully talks her down, but the crisis is yet to be over. He enters the oxygen-deficient room to save the girl and shut off the accelerator before quickly passing out.

Tae Hyun’s actions say a lot about the depth of his character. He’s a very intriguing leading man that he has us completely on board for his crazy journey.

7. “Oh My Ghost”: I’ve got you

Just when Chef has begun to accept the truth that Bong Sun has been possessed by a ghost, another devastating news comes out: Officer Han, who’s been in charge of Eun Hee’s hit-and-run case, has passed away, and his brother-in-law might be involved. He gets home late after learning of this, and Bong Sun is there waiting to greet him. The two have a talk and Bong Sun offers him advice that helps calm his worries. To make things even better, she comforts him in an embrace. Awww! It’s because of scenes like this that we’ll be missing this show!

That’s all for this list! Drop your thoughts below, and please join us for another batch next time!

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