Yook Sungjae Has First Phone Conversation With Joy’s Father on “We Got Married”

Yook Sungjae had his first phone conversation with Joy‘s father.

On the August 22 broadcast of MBC‘s “We Got Married,” Yook Sungjae and his virtual wife Joy travel to Chungcheong-do for an overnight trip. While they are eating fruit after dinner, Joy gets a call from her father.

Joy says in an interview with the staff, “We were eating melons, and then suddenly, ‘dad’ popped up on my phone. My dad is really protective of me so I was afraid that he would say something.”

However, her worries are unfounded as she tells her father, “I’m with my husband,” and her father replies in a bright voice, “Husband? You mean Yook Sungjae?”

In the end, Yook Sungjae gets to speak with his father-in-law, introducing himself and then explaining, “We came to Chungcheong-do on a train. We’ll leave tomorrow morning,” and Joy adds, “I’m peeling melons right now in Chungcheong-do.” Joy’s father responds excitedly with a stream of “omo”s.

Afterwards, Joy’s father asks Yook Sungjae, “Do you play table tennis? How about we play table tennis for beer?” He also compliments the couple and Yook Sungjae, saying, “You two are a good couple. You’re great.”

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