SISTAR’s Dasom Opens Up About Her Worries of Being Forgotten as a Celebrity

SISTAR member Dasom recently opened up about one of her biggest worries as a public figure.

On the broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on August 22, cameras took the viewers behind the scenes of the new drama “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law.”

During the episode, a reporter of the entertainment news program also sat down with Dasom and her co-star, actor Ryu Soo Young (14 years her senior) to talk about their new project.

When asked if there are any difficulties of acting out a character who is a ‘has-been’ girl group member while currently being part of a girl group as popular as SISTAR, Dasom answered honestly, “As a celebrity, anyone can have the fear of being forgotten or disappearing [from the spotlight]. It’s actually not too difficult acting as my character because I’m aware of the ups and downs of those who share the same occupation [of being a celebrity].”

After hearing this, Ryu Soo Young commented, “[Dasom] actually has very deep thoughts. The more time you spend with her, you become a fan,” sharing his affection for his co-star.

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