“Star King” Promises to Return With Season 2 After Renewal

Star King” MC’s Kang Ho Dong and Super Junior‘s Leeteuk promised a new start on the latest episode of the long-running variety show.

The August 22 broadcast of the show, which was also its 426th episode, was the last episode of “Star King” season one. To celebrate the end, the show gathered various stars who provided many unforgettable memories on the program.

Near the end of the show, MC Kang Ho Dong said, “We’ve shared many previous memories on the show, laughing and crying thanks to the abilities and talents of our neighbors.” Leeteuk also commented, “Thanks to you all, we were able to have a stage of hope and dreams on ‘Star King.'”

They explained that “Star King” will be going through a “renewal,” and that the show will be back around Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) time.

Earlier, it was reported that “Star King” would be going through a format change or possibly be cancelled due to low ratings.

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