Oh Min Seok Asks Kang Ye Won If She Wants to Kiss on “We Got Married”

Things got a very candid as Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won talked about kissing.

On the episode of “We Got Married” aired on August 22, Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won enjoy a rooftop date. Then the two start arguing about the difference between a peck on the lip and kissing.

“How can you not use your tongue when kissing? Do you just use your lips then,” she asks as she gives a hilarious example herself of what lips-only kissing is like.

WGM kiss 2

Oh Min Seok explains that there is a separate term for use of tongue, French kiss, and the actress realizes that he must think that way because he spent some time abroad. She explains that there are separate terms in Korean, as well, and that kiss in Korean has the same meaning as French kiss. Kang Ye Won leans forward and says, “That’s what’s frustrating, what exactly is a kiss?”

Oh Min Seok then says suddenly, “Do you want to [kiss]?” When Kang Ye Won is utterly taken aback, Oh Min Seok says, explaining what her body language looked like, “It’s a valid question,” and “[If I shouldn’t ask] Do I just lean in and do it then?”

Kang Ye Won says, “Yes! You just do it. It’s all about being in the moment. You just follow what your body tells you,” she says.

“I’m scared of you,” Oh Min Seok says.

The couple finally decides to wrap up the kiss talk. Oh Min Seok says he thought that kind of joking would help them get closer, but it just made things awkward. Kang Ye Won says, “I think we really won’t be able to kiss after this,” as if she had made plans, and exclaims that she can’t stop looking at Oh Min Seok’s lips.

Watch the clip below.

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