Yook Sungjae Compliments Joy’s No Makeup Face on “We Got Married”

All newlywed wives must show their bare faces to their husbands at one point in their marriage, and there was no exception for Joy.

On the episode of “We Got Married” aired on August 22, Yook Sungjae and Joy visit the countryside to experience farming life.

When Yook Sungjae tells Joy, “I want to see your bare face,” she decides to wipe off her makeup after long pondering.

Joy first takes off her fake eyelashes, which her husband says look like spiders.

She is not amused as she complains, “My eyes have gotten smaller.”

WGM bare face 4

As he watches Joy wash her face, Yook Sungjae cannot help but say, “Hey Soo Young,” as if he can’t find Joy, when her bare face comes to light.

When the moment of truth is near, Joy starts to worry, and says, “What am I going to do,” but ends up showing her makeup-less face.

WGM bare face 3

In an interview afterwards, Yook Sungjae says, “Her face was like freshly squeezed milk. It was white, fresh, and like a baby. She was so cute because she was like a smooth baby.”

WGM bare face 2

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