Ladies’ Code Perform Tribute to RiSe and EunB at Memorial Concert

On August 22, Ladies’ Code held a memorial concert in honor of their fellow members RiSe and EunB, who tragically lost their lives as the result of a car accident roughly one year ago.

Members Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny hit the stage for the concert, as well as label mates Yang Dong Geun, Sunwoo, Rumble Fish, and Han Hee Joon.

The entire proceeds of the concert will go towards a memorial project and other charity activities.

Especially of note during the concert was the Ladies’ Codes members’ first performance of “I Will Smile Even If It Hurts,” the group’s tribute song to RiSe and EunB. The song, which member Sojung co-wrote, will officially be released on September 7, which is the day that RiSe passed away. 

Yang Dong Geun posted on his Instagram a simple photo of RiSe and EunB, with the words, “#RiSe #EunB Memorial concert.”

yang dong geun instagram ladies code

Sunwoo also left a message on Instagram for the girls, accompanied with photos of the big screen at the concert, “#pray for you. You’re doing okay, right? Be with us today.. I hope our songs tonight can be a source of strength and consolation for your families, everyone gathered here, and for you.. #loveyou #thankyou #imsorry. I’m fine thank you..”

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