Joo Won Shows Love For His Mother’s Cooking During Mokbang Session

Actor Joo Won recently did a mokbang (eating) show on his Naver V broadcast as promised!

Before the first episode of SBS’ “Yong Pal” aired, Joo Won promised he would do a mokbang show if the drama surpassed a ten percent average of viewership ratings. When the latest episode reached an average of 20.4 percent, Joo Won turned his camera on and greeted his fans with food.

During his Naver V broadcast on August 23, Joo Won says, “[My mom] made me squid salad, different types of Korean pancakes, and all of these other foods,” and shows a card that his mom wrote.

joo won naver v2

The card says, “Be strong while filming ‘Yong Pal.’ Thumbs up. Eat and gain energy.”

Joo Won adds, “I think my mom spent the whole night preparing all this. She prepares food regardless of what time it is if it’s for her son. Looking at the various foods, I don’t think she got any sleep,” and thanked his mom.

“Let’s eat. My mom cooks well,” he says, and starts digging in.

joo won naver v 3

His mother is so sweet!

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