BIGBANG Takes 5th Win on “Inkigayo” With Perfect Score for “Let’s Not Fall in Love”

Congratulations to BIGBANG for taking their fifth win for “Let’s Not Fall in Love” on the August 23 episode of SBSInkigayo.” Not only was it their fifth win, but BIGBANG recorded a perfect score of 11,000 points!

A special bonus for fans came after the awards, when GD & T.O.P, who performed as a unit today, sang “Let’s Not Fall in Love” on their own, taking on their members’ parts.

Coming in at second and third place, respectively, were the Wonder Girls with “I Feel You” and Simon Dominic with “Simon Dominic.”

The list of performers for today’s “Inkigayo” include BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, HyunA, SG Wannabe, T-ara, B1A4, VIXX LR, Baechigi, Juniel, Yoo Seung Woo, JJCC, and more.

Watch the performances below (videos to be added as they become available):

Winner announcement

Girls’ Generation – “Lion Heart”

Girls’ Generation – “You Think”

HyunA – “Run & Run”

HyunA – “Because I’m the Best” (“Roll Deep”)

SG Wannabe – “Love You”

LR (VIXX) – “Beautiful Liar”

GD & T.OP – “Zutter”

Wonder Girls – “I Feel You”

B1A4 – “Sweet Girl”

T-ara – “So Crazy”

Baechigi – “Shut Up”

Yoo Seung Woo – “You’re Beautiful”

Eun Ga Eun – “Never Say Goodbye”

Kim So Jung – “Dance Music”

JJCC – “Where You At”

Juniel – “Sorry”

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