Zion.T’s Phone Number Censored Out of “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival Broadcast

Though fan response was extremely enthusiastic for the announced unveiling of Zion.T’s phone number, which was revealed as a special event for the “2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival,” the number was censored out of the aired episode.

On the episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” aired on August 22, the music festival was finally revealed. Haha and Zion.T performed “$ponsor” and revealed Zion.T’s number during the stage. However, the number itself was censored out from the actual broadcast.

The official Twitter account for “Infinity Challenge” posted, “Zion.T and Haha planned to reveal the phone number as a week-long event starting from the date of the aired episode.”

“However, the number was revealed even before the episode was aired from the live show, and people with similar numbers were being bothered by unwanted phone calls. We thought that even more harm would be done if the number were aired, so we decided to cancel that event,” the show added.

“We cut the number from the aired episode and erased it from music records and files. After talking with the telecommunications company, we’ve close Zion.T’s number for now,” the staff for “Infinity Challenge” said. “We are greatly sorry towards those who were eager for the event or experienced any discomfort because of it.”

Meanwhile, the music festival was the center of attention as it reached ratings of 21.1 percent.

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