Jessi Tattoos Her Eyebrows in Preparation for the Army

Eyebrows can make a big difference to one’s appearance, and Jessi made sure they are always present.

On the episode of MBC’s “Real Men” female soldier special aired on August 23, Jessi appears and reveals her determination towards entering the army.

“I tattooed my eyebrows for the army. I originally don’t have any,” she says.


“I asked a few friends about the army, and they told me to get mentally prepared. I wonder why they’d say such things. It’s making me nervous.” “I’m not afraid, but I’m worried I’ll curse,” she nonchalantly adds.

Her hair dresser, too, says, “Just don’t curse.”

Other than cursing, however, it seems Jessi is pretty excited for her new adventure. She reveals on the show that she has wanted to go to the army since she was young, and that she had had plans to attend the United States Military Academy, West Point.

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How do you think Jessi will do in a military environment?

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