“Superman Returns” Lee Dong Gook Realizes the Difficulty of Being a Mother, Apologizes to His Wife

On the recent episode of “Superman Returns” that aired on August 23, Lee Dong Gook, the father of five, apologizes to his wife after realizing just how difficult it is to look after multiple kids.

During the show, Lee Dong Gook and his five kids go to a meat restaurant after enjoying their time at an aquarium. He must’ve been tired because he starts digging in and shows what a true mokbang looks like.

When they return home, Lee Dong Gook spends a sweet time with the kids by reading them a story as they all gather around him.

superman returns

Although he had a great time with the kids, Lee Dong Gook can’t help smiling when his wife comes home. As soon as she enters, all the kids rush over to her and leaves Lee Dong Gook speechless.

“Did Daebak cry? Why are his eyes red?” his wife asks, and Lee Dong Gook replies, “It’s me who wants to cry.”

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As the kids are gathered around their mother, Lee Dong Gook asks, “How did you look after five kids all this time? I want to apologize.”

Aw, that is so sweet!

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