B1A4’s Baro Proudly Shows Off Biceps He Built Up in the Army on “Real Men”

On August 23’s episode of “Real Men,” B1A4‘s Baro and the rest of his troop say their goodbyes as they’re discharged and head home.

During his final interview, Baro says earnestly, “The army seems really great.”

He flexes his biceps and grins as he adds, “I’ve got muscles now, seriously. They’re not huge, but still.”

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In a previous episode of “Real Men,” Baro said that he enjoys army life because he gets to sleep a lot and the food is great.

After their discharge ceremony, the guys give each other hugs and wave back at the center as they head off. “Real Men” has now moved on to airing its third female soldier special.

real men

Please don’t leave us for the army too soon, Baro!

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