Jessi Follows Super Junior-M Henry’s Suggestion and Kisses Her Application on “Real Men”

The female soldier special begins on August 23’s episode of “Real Men,” and new recruit “Unpretty Rapstar“‘s Jessi gets some questionable help from friend Henry of Super Junior-M!


Henry previously appeared on “Real Men,” so it’s fitting that Jessi gets him to help her with her application form. When Jessi reveals to Henry that she’ll be joining the army the next week, Henry asks who else will be on the show. “Some strong women will be on,” she replies. “And some who are a bit weak.”


The two then set about filling out her application form. “What does ‘application’ mean?” asks Jessi. She then says in a self-filmed video that spent a lot of time going back and forth from America to Korea and she has a bit of a complex about her poor Korean.


Henry explains what “application” means, and next they search on his phone to find out the meaning of the word “motive.” They then begin trying to fill out the answer box to explain her motive for applying to enlist as a non-commissioned soldier.

“To become stronger,” says Jessi as she writes it down with a spelling error. They then agree that she should add, “To come to my senses,” but she makes another spelling mistake. The show then flashes forward to some clips of her struggling with the unfamiliar Korean words used in the army while she’s going through training later on.


Henry then takes her application form and says, “You have a sexy image, right? You should try putting a red kiss on the form.”


Jessi grins as she thinks about it. “They’ll really like it!” says Henry. Jessi then brings the paper up to her face and presses her lips to the bottom.


“Epic!” says Henry.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jessi’s interviewers don’t agree. We’re shown a clip of a soldier asking her sternly why she left a lip print on her form. She seems totally flustered, and simply says, “I’m very sorry,” before she gets told off for her behavior.


Are you looking forward to seeing more of Jessi on “Real Men”?

Check out the video below!

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