Netizens Suspect “King of Mask Singer” Contestant Is EXO’s Chen

One of the best parts of watching “King of Mask Singer” is trying to guess who is performing behind the masks, and one contestant in particular this week has some viewers in full speculation mode!

Note: Spoilers for the episode below!

The contestant in question appears under the alias Legendary Guitar Man, complete with a gold guitar mask and air guitar moves. He performs Toy‘s “A Passionate Goodbye” in his first round along with his opponent, Amazing Know-It-All.

Watch part of the performance below.

After the performance, the celebrity panel seems to agree that Guitar Man is an idol, and two of the possible names they suggest are INFINITE‘s Sunggyu and Super Junior‘s Ryeowook. One of the judges jokes that considering the way he plays the air guitar, he’s definitely not a guitarist.

Guitar Man wins this round and so we’ll be seeing him again in the next episode.

After the show, some netizens have been speculating that Guitar Man is EXO‘s Chen. Some fans have even pointed out that Chen also sometimes holds his mic in his left hand and gestures with his right when he hits a high note like Guitar Man does.

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Who do you think is behind Guitar Man’s mask?

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